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Welcome to the website of the Order of Essenes course, a New Thought correspondence school founded in 1938 by Burks L. Hamner. The Order of Essenes supplied lessons to its students free of charge, supporting the work entirely through donations, and this website does the same.

Hamner called his teachings Life Science: a genuine science of living that can be applied by anyone to attain health, happiness, and success. A successful businessman and philanthropist, Hamner studied the New Thought teachings of his time carefully, taking the best principles from the systems he encountered and testing them relentlessly in the laboratory of his own life. The resulting teachings were published in a series of courses, each of them divided up into weekly lessons.

Just as in Hamner's original school, the Preliminary Course of 23 lessons is available to anyone who is interested. If you wish to proceed to the more advanced courses, however, you should plan on spending a week on each lesson in the Preliminary Course, and we need to hear from you while you're working on the lessons. Send us an email every month or so at orderofessenes@gmail.com while you study the Preliminary Course, letting us know how you're progressing in the study of Life Science, and then contact us when you complete the Preliminary Course and we'll let you know how to access the Fundamentals Course, the next step in your study of Life Science.

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